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The major cities of Bhutan have got numerous shopping stores where you can buy different gifts like handicrafts, fabrics, textiles etc. The goods manufactured and produced in Bhutan denote a rich Bhutanese culture and tradition. The hand woven fabrics, carved masks, woven baskets, wooden bowls, handmade paper, postage stamps, finely crafted metal objects, thangkha paintings, bamboo bowls, handmade papers etc. are some of the goods that are worth buying in Bhutan. People looking for apparel can chose highly fabricated traditional clothes that include Kira for women and Gho for men. Fine shawls, sweaters, coats manufactured in the Dragon country could be appealing for shopaholics. Jewelry lovers can get ornaments made from turquoise silver, and semi-precious stones. Tourists craving for unique items can opt for prayer beads, singing bowls incense, prayer flags among others.

The hand made goods are but expensive but the government has established some handicraft stores that offer better quality items at fairer prices.