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The weather in Bhutan varies from place to place depending upon the altitude of the region. In general the weather is warm during the day and night during summer. Spring and autumn are very pleasant with warn days and cool nights. Winter is usually in cold in Bhutan with chilling mornings and evenings. The temperature level may go down even below zero. You may get warmth of the sun during the day in winter. Due to the vivid geographical condition of the kingdom Bhutan experiences subtropical climate. The Inner Himalayas regions that ranges up to 2,250m (7,400 ft) experience cold winter and warm summer. The greater Himalayas that range from 2,250 m to 4,500 m (17, 7556 ft) are considered as cool zones where pasturelands are suitable for summer grazing. Any regions above 4,500 m have permanent snow line for all year long.