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We heartily welcome all in quest of exploring the mystical Himalayan kingdom ‘Bhutan’, the land bestowed with age-old culture & tradition with amazing natural landscapes. Bhutan is often considered as the last Shangri-La and also known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. This tiny kingdom is abundant in natural beauty with majestic snow-capped peaks, exotic valleys teamed up with rich Buddhist culture and ancient monasteries & shrines.

We specialize in operating various Private and Group tours, Trekking, Family holidays, Festival tours, Luxury trips and Culture tours in Bhutan backed up by our dedicated service team, utmost customer service and professional travel guides. We walk that extra miles to meet our customers’ requirements and to deliver a memorable Himalayan holiday. It’s been several years of our Bhutan tour operation and so far our customers have returned home happy with our service. We warmly invite you in this mystical land and want you to join us to unveil the hidden beauty of the Dragon Kingdom where the mountains meet the skies. There are wide array of trekking & tours packages to choose from, and can be customized depending upon your interests. Just choose the packages or contact us to customize the programs as per your preferences.

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Festivals in Bhutan are the amazing opportunities to witness the cultural, historical and religious aspects of the Dragon Kingdom. Bhutan festivals are most colorful events celebrated with much fun, togetherness and drama. There is at least one festival every month. Tshechu is the 10th day …

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Food in Bhutan is influenced by Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian food cultures. Typically the dishes are served with a side pairing of white or red rice and centered around a meat (usually Pork or Chicken). The majority of Bhutanese dishes are prepared with chilies and …

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Bhutan has been implementing conservation and eco-friendly practices long before the rest of the world caught up and is the world’s first carbon-negative country. Television and internet were only introduced to the country in 1999, plastic bags and cigarettes are banned, and Bhutan’s constitution, states …