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Small group tour is the best option if you are looking for group tour in Bhutan. Small group tour allows you to join up with people from the round the globe. It’s the best opportunity to meet up with interesting people from all around who are looking for group tour with other solo travelers in Bhutan. Bhutan fixed departures tour with specific dates and guaranteed to run. We welcome all to join a group tour and make your dream tour turn into reality in the land of the thunder dragon.

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Small group and Custom private tours in Bhutan

Kuzuzangpo La, Welcome to Bhutan Tours and Travel.

We heartily welcome all in quest of exploring the mystical Himalayan kingdom ‘Bhutan’, the land bestowed with age-old culture & tradition with amazing natural landscapes. Bhutan is often considered as the last Shangri-La and also known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. This tiny kingdom is abundant in natural beauty with majestic snow-capped peaks, exotic valleys teamed up with rich Buddhist culture and ancient monasteries & shrines where we have been organizing a wide range of tours in Bhutan including various Trekking, Hiking and Traveling to Bhutan is an amazing travel experience and an un-forgetful holiday to cherish for your entire life.

We specialize in operating various Private tours and Group tours in Bhutan, Trekking, Family holidays, Festival tours, Luxury Holidays, day hikes and Culture tours in Bhutan. Our Bhutan Tour packages are backed up by our dedicated service team of professional travel guides and office staff with utmost customer care and best service. We walk that extra mile to meet our customers’ requirements and to deliver a memorable Himalayan holiday. It’s been several years of our Bhutan tour operation and so far our customers have returned home happy with our service. We warmly invite you for your next travel to Bhutan into this mystical land and want you to join us for an organized tour package to unveil the hidden beauty of the Dragon Kingdom where the mountains meet the skies. There are a wide array of trekking & tours packages to choose from and can be customized depending upon your interests. Festivals in Bhutan are another prime attraction for tourists from around the world. Top festivals include Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tschechu, Punakha Tschechu, Jambay Lhakhang Drup, Black-Necked Crane Festival, Haa Summer Festival, etc. Besides, there are also many adventure activities like rafting, biking, mountain biking, bird watching, helicopter tour, horse riding, hike to Taktsang monastery, wildlife safari, motorcycling, etc. Besides cultural tours or trekking, other popular activities tourists enjoy are a traditional hot stone bath, archery, wearing traditional dress, farmhouse stay, eating authentic Bhutanese food, stay with locals, etc.

Getting into Bhutan one can enter either by air or land and visa is stamped on your passport at the Paro International Airport upon showing the visa invitation letter which your travel agent sends you before by email. Spring (March-May) and Autumn/fall (September-November) are considered the best time to visit Bhutan. Druk Air (the national flag carrier) and Bhutan Airlines (privately owned airlines) are the only two airlines for flights to Bhutan. For Tour packages, there’s a set of per night per person rate for bhutan tour cost which depends upon high and low seasons.

You don’t have to join Group Tour where normally we address all inquiries we receive and if Bhutan travel date coincides then we operate Group Tour with people coming from all over. Besides, we shall be delighted to operate your Private Tour with no one joining in as well. For high-end travelers who are looking for luxury hotels, we also operate Luxury Tour where luxury and comfort is the top priority. Most of the prime cities like Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey have best luxury hotels such as Le Meridien, Taj Tashi, Amankora, Dhensa boutique resort, Gangtey lodge which are the top luxury hotels in Bhutan. Just choose the right Tour packages or contact Happiness Drukyul Holiday to customize the programs as per your preferences.

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Get a free consultation from an Happiness Drukyul Holiday travel specialist about your trip planning to Bhutan. Drop us a message via our contact form, send us an email or just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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