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Do’s and Don’ts in Bhutan

Do’s and Don’ts in Bhutan 2022 New update.

Sl Do’s Dont’s
1 Read the cancellation policy of the tour operator or hotel carefully; Do not bring with you prohibited items including controlled substances;
2 Carry all the essential documents; Abstain from going to risky sites without a guide;
3 Ask permission before entering sacred places, homes, or private land; Do not litter;
4 Be sensitive to when and where you take photos/video of people. Always ask first; Urinating along the road side and sacred places is strictly prohibited;
5 Always engage a certified Bhutanese guide; Do not cook in hotels;
6 Always use Bhutanese Tourist Vehicles Do not purchase old household items, antiques, textiles and ritual objects from local people;
7 Always use TCB certified Hotels Do Not carry tobacco product and other dutiable goods beyond permissible quantity;
8 Always be in proper dress code while visiting sacred sites; The holder of this permit is not allowed to seek any employment in Bhutan;
9 If applicable always pay the prescribed fees while visiting important or protected sites; Misuse of entry permit is a penal offence under the existing law of the country;
10 Maintain silence near monasteries, dzongs and near offices. Do not commit anything that is against the law in force of the Kingdom of Bhutan;


The original identification documents verified should be produced on demand at the point of entry or any other check points.
12 This permit should be produced at every Immigration check point and on demand;
13 This permit should be surrendered at the exit/check post on the day of leaving Bhutan;
14 Loss of this permit must be immediately reported to the nearest Immigration Office.




Always arrange a full insurance coverage against possible sickness, injury, or death. In the case of an emergency, the responsibility of TCB and the Tour Operator shall be limited to rendering all possible assistance in arranging evacuation of the member(s) to the nearest medical facility. Any cost thereof will be payable by the person/group concerned;
16 Tourist visiting Taktsang Monastry and Tashichhodzong must obtain entry tickets

Fines and Penalties

Any offence of above mentioned shall be liable for fines as specified below:
Littering and urinating along road side: Nu.1,000/- as per waste prevention and management regulation, 2012;
Smoking in public places and other restricted area: Nu.500/- and shall produce proof of payment of import duty and tax;
Misuse of permit for other purposes: Nu. 3,300/- and subject to deportation as per IRR, 2015;
Purchase of restricted Items: Seizure of goods and applicable fines and penalties as per Customs Rules;
Tobacco products beyond permissible quantity: Seizure of goods and applicable fines and penalties based on quantity as per BNC rules and regulation;

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