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Bhutan in September

Bhutan tour in september

Bhutan is a paradise that is capable to satisfy all of your soul and mind. All the major components of life are at its best here. Finding your inner peace in a Buddhist monastery is truly the best experience. Warm, welcoming and ever-smiling people make this kingdom the country of happy people. The government puts Gross National Happiness ahead of Gross National Product because they believe materialistic development is nothing without spiritual development. This is the reason why the people love their King and the Queen from the bottom of their heart. And of course, the cute little prince who is absolutely charming.

Besides these, the jaw-dropping landscapes of valleys and mountains makes Bhutan lovelier. The photogenic sceneries will make you go out of storage to store all of them.

Bhutan in September is a comeback for trekkers as the temperature begins to cool and the sunshine lasts a little longer than a few hours a day. Clouds begin to shift towards the mountain areas giving out clear skies. Leaves on the trees start changing color preparing to shed and fresh crispy air begin to roam around. This is an actual relief from the hot summer indication the arrival of autumn.

Is September a good time to visit Bhutan?

Bhutan tour in September is actually a great idea. For most of the month, most sites in Thimphu, Paro and Punakha are at its best views. Moreover, September is more about observing lush greenery of the kingdom and an outstanding view of valleys with flowing rivers.

You can also have a different experience of dzongs as they’ll be in the process of decoration for upcoming grand tshechu. Monk and layman can be seen practicing.

Weather and climate in Bhutan during September

September gets to witness the end of monsoon and the rain pouring out finally dries up. However, humidity takes its time to come to its normal marking. Temperatures become milder and it is low at daytime making it cozier for the tourists.

In spite of this, you might as well want to carry a light rain mac with you as monsoon rain might occur during afternoons or early evenings. At last, Bhutan in September end has the skies clearer, temperature comfier and tourists flock back to this happy little kingdom.

September Weather and climate in Western Bhutan
Max. temperature Min. temperature Average temperature
29° C 21° C 25° C

The western part of Bhutan is generally warmer than other parts. Similarly, the mornings and evenings are chillier. For tours and sightseeing, layering of clothes is suggested to adjust both in mornings and evenings.

September Weather and climate in Central Bhutan
Max. temperature Min. temperature Average temperature
19° C 7° C 13° C

The central Bhutan is the coolest during September in comparison to eastern and western Bhutan. Thus, the chills of evenings won’t drop much and will be bearable. You might as well get some warm sweaters while traveling here.

September Weather and climate in Eastern Bhutan
Max. temperature Min. temperature Average temperature
25° C 15° C 20° C

This region of Bhutan has kind of temperate temperature. It’s neither warm like the western part nor cool like central. Thus, evenings and mornings will be a little cooler but you might not have to worry about it much.

Tour in Bhutan during September

Bhutan has a lot of places that are worth of sightseeing. Travelling towards development with balance between traditions and modernization refusing to cause any of them any harm, this small country has ancient yet beautiful fortresses that has historical importance. The vibrant culture and traditions make Bhutan more special. Bhutan is not just a religious hub. It has some really alluring places that can be the centre of attraction of the world. The dzongs narrate the ancient tales through paintings and are the eye witness of great Bhutanese history. People here are warm and welcoming. They are always eager to take you to their monastery and explain it to you. hbeauty surrounds you from all directions causing your worries to leave your mind and heart. You’ll experience lightness in your heart after a short conversation with a Monk.

Let alone everything, how good does it feel to breathe in fresh air that has no pollution at all. Bhutan is actually the Last Shangri-La which is a unique and rare place on earth. Visiting Bhutan in September is the best chance to enjoy most of Bhutan in the most beautiful way.

September is the start of peak season in Bhutan. Hotels and flights slowly get booked and then packed. However, the sooner you confirm your tour the better offers you get to grab. You can also enjoy solitude in the mountains of most isolated country on earth.

Trekking in Bhutan during September

After the wet monsoon, September is the actual start of trekking season in Bhutan. Trekkers are eager to complete the trails that were closed during the monsoon. The rain causes several damages to the trekking trails. The sunnier days of September dry them up and trekkers can win over the various trekking routes through the tough Himalayas and green hills.

The pleasant weather of September is ideal for trekking. The major perk of trekking in Bhutan during September is that there are not yet too many visitors making the trails too busy. You can enjoy your solitude without meeting up with other trekkers. Bhutan in September end will be just perfect.

Festivals in Bhutan during September

There are no major festivals in Bhutan during September 2019. Yet it is the time for the famous Tour of the Dragon. It is one of the world’s toughest cycling races taking part in the hills and Himalayas of Bhutan and a major event in Bhutan during September. This 200+ km race can only classified as an ‘ultra marathon’ mountain bike race because it doesn’t fit in any other category set by International Cycling Union (ICU).

The Tour of the Dragon starts on the first weekend of September (7th Sep, 2019) covering the distance of 268 km, crossing 4 mountain passes finally to finish at town square of Thimphu. This single-day race is open to everyone, irrelevant to their experience. The race starts at 2:00 am and continues for almost 5 hours. It starts and terminates in the presence of the prince, HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, younger brother of current Dragon king, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

What to wear in Bhutan during September?

September is the end of monsoon and hence gives mild days with little chilly evenings. Layering of clothing is suggested as monsoon rain can occur sometimes. A waterproof or rain mac is also recommended. You might as well bring some warm sweaters along with a rain coat. If you’re heading towards north or actually trekking, layering will be a big help as it can get cold in the mountains with some monsoon rain.

A strong pair of good boots is required as the trails might still be muddy and messy. Hiking poles are a good idea for slippery trails.

Bhutan Food, Accommodation and Transportation

As it is said, nothing brings people closer like good food. It is obvious that the Bhutanese food will surely take you closer to the people. Bhutanese foods are usually chili oriented. Incomplete without either cheese or chili, they are served in most of the eateries. You might as well want to taste it in a local’s house. Restaurants also serve Indian, Nepali, Tibetan, Chinese and Continental food. Make sure to inform the chef about your spice tolerance when you order Bhutanese meal.

3 stars accommodation are basic to the visitors of Bhutan. 4 stars and 5 stars can be arranged on demand with supplement cost. We provide you neat and clean rooms with adequate facilities. There are farm houses and resorts if you are willing to stay in these.

The trails are less slippery and more passes at high altitudes are accessible as snowfall would still be few days further. There are no changes in transportation at the city areas. The public vehicles have their usual schedules and private vehicles will have no problem. The windy roads may face a little problem if unpaved.

Tips while traveling to Bhutan during September

Packing and dressing
Warm climate and mild temperature will need dresses accordingly. However, Bhutan is a religious country which is why it is better to cover your body parts to pay respect to the monasteries and other sacred sites. Hiking and trekking will need require good pair of shoes.

Booking in advance
September is the comeback season of visitors of Bhutan. The hotels slowly get booked. However, it’s better to confirm your tour sooner so that you can grab some good deals and pick up better choices.

High Altitude Sickness
You don’t need to worry about high altitude sickness as almost all the sites you visit lie at lower elevation. If you’re going for trekking, acclimatize yourself and stay hydrated. Rest well and follow you guide’s advice.

Safety and Security
Bhutan has relatively low crime rate and also free from scams, begging and theft. Thus, it is safe for all even for solo woman traveler and family with kids.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance to cover theft, loss and medical problems is necessary no matter how long you’re traveling to.

People buy postage stamps, hand-woven fabrics and Himalayan beads, thangkas, crane and bamboo products and Yethras as souvenirs.

Besides the national language Dzongkha, 19 other dialects are spoken throughout Bhutan including English and Hindi.

Bhutan usually supplies standard voltage 230 Volts of frequency 50Hz. The plugs that can be used are Type D, F and G.

Guide and Company
The tour must be booked with a certified tour operator. In case you booked with uncertified one, the government won’t be responsible for anything.

Visa Information
For visa processing, you need to send us a clear scanned copy of your passport photo page. We will send you a confirmation letter after approval which you need to print and carry along you. Your passport will be stamped at immigration.

Getting into Bhutan
Paro Airport has international flight connection with Bangkok, Singapore, Dhaka, Kathmandu and Delhi, Bagdogra, Gaya, Kolkata of India. Or you can check in at one of the border crossings; Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar and Gelephu.

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