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Bhutan travel restrictions Covid 19

Until further notice, Bhutan is still closed to the outside world for travel. Total covid 19 case in Bhutan as of now is low compared to other countries which are 1,338 cases with just one person died and 1,186 recovered so far. After the corona vaccination in Bhutan is finished tourism in Bhutan is expected to reopen. 

When will Bhutan open to tourists?
Covid case in Bhutan today is 1,338 with just 1 death so far. A large number of population who are infected have already been recovered, 1,186 recovered as of now. covid in India today cases is also affecting Bhutan to some degree. But detected cases are much lower in Bhutan. The Bhutanese government is successfully managing to mitigate the virus before it becomes a wider problem. Bhutan vaccination programme is underway currently and will only open after the successful compilation of the Bhutan covid vaccination program. Any reopening of tourism is unlikely before September or October 2021. The tourism sector is vigorously affected by tourism disruption.

Can we travel to Bhutan now?
All Bhutan tourism visas are suspended starting from 6th March 2020 onward until further notice. Bhutan is presently undertaking an extensive vaccination drive using AstraZeneca’s Covishield vaccine. About 80 % of the population is to be vaccinated against COVID-19 within both doses in June 2021. This will supposedly result in herd immunity of the Bhutanese population. This will facilitate reinstate tourism in certain future. Though the question remains about the vaccine’s practical affectivity and dangerous immunity evading mutations. Any reopening plans are yet to be announced. Bhutan reopening tourism might resume in summer or autumn 2021.

Are Bhutan festivals 2021 schedule affected?
Following the social distancing measures many festivals including Paro Tshechu canceled. Though some festivals were held since autumn 2020 without the presence of the public. Bhutan festivals 2022 are expected to be held as scheduled in case of tourism reopening in 2021.

If I already booked the trip to Bhutan, should I cancel?
You should unquestionably reschedule or cancel if your trip was supposed to start before the summer of 2021. We believe there is zero chance for borders to open that soon although authorities did not indicate anything clearly. If you plan to visit from June 2021 onwards, you might keep your fingers crossed and wait.

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