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Is Bhutan open for tourists in 2021

UPDATES ON COVID-19 – Is Bhutan open for tourism now?
From February 2021Bhutan is closed for tourism up. Until further a travel restriction for all incoming tourists notice has implemented Bhutan government. So to travel to Bhutan currently isn’t possible. The government is closely monitoring the pandemic situation within and beyond the country. Updates will be provided progressively as the global situation unfolds. the Bhutanese government intends to vaccinate it’s entire population in March which will be carried out with a nationwide vaccination program. So, hopefully, Bhutan will slowly ease reopening tourism. If compared worldwide Bhutan has an exceptional covid report with 99% COVID-19 recovery rate with 861 positive cases with 854 recovered till 9 February 2021. It’s neighboring country India sent the first consignment of 150,000 doses of Covid shield vaccines to Bhutan on 20 January 2021. Thus after March 13 2021, the country vaccinated all it’s population.

How safe is Bhutan for tourists?
Bhutan is closed as of now and tourists are not allowed to enter the country. This restriction for travel is for all incoming travelers until further notice since the pandemic situation within and beyond Bhutan is being closely monitored. As the global situation unfolds updates will be provided with acceleration.

Bhutan response to covid 19
India sent 150,000 doses of Covid shield vaccines on 20 January 2021 to Bhutan. The vaccine was a gift from India to its South Asian counterpart, and was just four days after India’s own massive rollout of the vaccine. AN32 landing at Paro International Airport brought the vaccine which was received by Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering, the health minister Dechen Wangmo, Foreign secretary Kinga Singye and a few other senior officials. Manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine, was handed by the friendly neighbor of the Ambassador of India to Bhutan, Her Excellency Ruchira Kamboj and the embassy officials. The Indian government has assured to cover the two doses requirement of Bhutan’s target population of somewhat over 533,500. the remaining consignments will also be delivered soon as committed by India. Bhutan targets to vaccinate all it’s population at the same time. Bhutan will carry out a nationwide vaccination program when sufficient doses are available. Meanwhile, various district’s lockdown in Bhutan is being eased inside the country. The government is constantly monitoring the pandemic situation of the kingdom.

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