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Sightseeing and Monument entrance fees in Bhutan

Entrance fees to the tourist sites now is applicable for entering monasteries, dzong fortress, Taktsang Monastery ‘Tiger’s Nest’, museums, temples and shrines.

Museum, Monuments entrance fee, Sightseeing entry fees & all applicable taxes for the monuments will be revised as follows:

Museums & Monuments Location Adult Child Below 18 Year Child Below 5 Year
Bhutan Post Office Museum Thimphu $2 $2 Exempted
Changangkha Lhakhang Thimphu $15 $8 Exempted
Folk Heritage Museum Thimphu $4 $2 Exempted
Buddha Dordenma Thimphu $15 $8 Exempted
Simtokha Dzong Thimphu $15 $8 Exempted
National Memorial Chorten Thimphu $15 $8 Exempted
National Textile Museum Thimphu $4 $4 Exempted
Takin Preserve Center Thimphu $5 $3 Exempted
Tashichho Dzong Thimphu $15 $8 Exempted
Chhimi Lhakhang Punakha $15 $8 Exempted
Punakha Dzong Punakha $15 $8 Exempted
Jangtsa Dumgtseg Lhakhang Paro $15 $8 Exempted
Kyichu Lhakhang Paro $15 $8 Exempted
Dobji Dzong Paro $15 $8 Exempted
Paro National Museum Paro $15 $8 Exempted
Rimpong Dzong/Paro Dzong Paro $15 $8 Exempted
Taktshang/Tiger’s Nest Temple Paro $29 $15 Exempted
Black Necked Crane Center Phobjikha $5 $3 Exempted
Trongsa Dzong Trongsa $15 $8 Exempted
Jampa Lhakhang Bumthang $15 $8 Exempted
Palden Taji Choling Shedra Phuntsholing $15 $8 Exempted
Rinchending Goenpa Phuntsholing $15 $8 Exempted

Note: However, the above-designated monuments and sacred sites will be open only to the locals
on the following auspicious days. (Foreign visitors will not be allowed in these sites and
monuments on the six auspicious days as indicated)
> 15th of 01st Month (Chotrul Duchen)
> 10th day of the 3rd Month (Zhabdrung Kuche)
> 15th day of the 04th Month (Saga Dawa Duchen/Lord Buddha Parinivana)
> 04th day of 06th Month (Chokhor Duchen/First Semon of Lord Budha
> 10th day of 5th Month (Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche)
Please note that the entrance fees for some of the monuments, which are not listed above are not yet finalized. Therefore, we will update you when we receive the next updates.

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